Why revalueplus your hotel?

– To Increase your Profit: Revalueplus will put your hotel on the global IDS map or improve your current position & sales to the booking engines you are already listed in. The online sales segment is a growing business. It will contribute to the total room revenue and profitability improve its cash flow year round.

– To Assure Quality: Quality is major in managing your on line sales. Starting from the obvious, rate parity in all channels is absolutely essential. Presenting the hotel’s key selling points in the same attractive way, in all channels, despite their variable interface formats, requires commitment & professionalism. Quality means effectiveness in on line business.

– To Delight the Hotel Customer: Revalueplus is the hotelier’s partner in managing customer experience, during booking process and after he checks out. This is integral to selling rooms on line. When a potential customer is shopping among different room types, rates and availability, in effect he is initiating a discussion with various candidate hotels. Revalueplus will organise your hotel presentation in all channels, so it effectively stands out from its peer competition, and this will make your hotel sell. After checking out, customer will use the on line channels to share with other potential customers his opinion about the services he received. Revalueplus assists the hotelier, by proficiently filtering the collective customer feedback. Critical elements that need to be addressed, will be underlined. Positive feedback will be used properly, to upsell the hotel.

– To Fine Tune the Hotel Organisation: Revalueplus is the most cost effective service option to maximise the hotel performance in on line room sales segment. To make sure our efforts convert into revenue, we take the time to effectively mentor the hotel departments we interface with, into embracing a revenue culture in their day to day operation. This is imperative to achieving the results and also a sustainable benefit that resides with the hotel organisation.